Flash: Confuseus Says

A fun project done in Flash with classmates while in at UNCG.

Using a very rudimentary keyword analysis, the application responds back with an array of responses.  Meant to be amusing for a short bit.  The design of the ‘Confuseus’ character and the responses themselves came from the collaborative group as a whole.

The Confuseus Website, by Jameson Bennett

The REAL reason I put this up here is the loading screen where you make Confuseus do the wave.  I still play with this far longer than the actual ‘talking with Confuseus’ part and probably have yet to top it’s genius for simple fun.  There are lessons here I’m still learning, many years later…

Confuseus Flash website by Jameson Bennett

Link: http://www.conceptjewel.com/site/projectbin/confuseus/conlaunch.html