Flash: Interface Project

Back in the days when I was starry-eyed by the glories that Flash would become, I played around with different ways of building interfaces as everyone would soon be running these thin-client apps through browsers on a powerhouse audio/visual framework.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.  Macromedia, and afterwards Adobe, have made some odd choices on what tech to develop and support, and what not to.  Coming on-board way late in the game with native support and acceleration, and always, always, just a little bit hackey.  And little consideration for standards support.  Today is the same mess, same message.  Thank god there are now better choices that everyone has access to… GMail wasnt done on Flash, and YouTube won’t be there forever.

Don’t get me started on Director and the grand I dropped on that POS.

Aaaaaanyways, this site was put together back in 2000 of some of the tech I was working on, highlighting many of those glorious aspects: in browser 3D and gaming, on-line video broadcasting, in-browser apps.  Took the internets long enough to catch up:

Screen shot of the Flash Interface Project by Jameson Bennett

Screenshot of the Interface Project by Jameson Bennett

Link: http://www.conceptjewel.com/site/projectbin/interface/interfaceLaunch.html