Installation: 1 coin 1 play, Flag 1

The first piece in a series of cut vinyl applied directly to the wall, titled “1 coin 1 play”… this piece is Flag 1, 100″x76″:

Part 1 of Flag series cut vinyl art installation by Jameson Bennett

Flag 1, cut vinyl art installation by Jameson Bennett

This installation is a tribute to our national symbol of identity. I am using interpretations of low resolution graphics from early video games to recall experiences with virtual combat with suggestions of corporate leadership and marketed consumerism. I am aiming to create work that is super extra fun yet glorifies our blindly destructive and aggressive war-oriented society.

The works are done in cut vinyl and applied directly onto the wall.  If you are interested in any of the works in this series, I need some lead-time as the vinyl needs to be sourced and cut.  Please let me know if you’re interested.