Lenticular Print: M.O. 4

Image 1 in a series of 5. 16×20 3-d lenticular print.

use slider to view 3D and animation effect

This series is influenced by what I believe is the pinnacle, at least for me, of the surrealist movement: Breakfast in Fur, by Meret Oppenheim.

This piece makes my tongue stick to the roof of my mouth and has so much purely instinctual innuendo wrapped up in it, it’s hard to really look at in some ways.  Oppenheim’s later work does not seem to really hit me like this, but I in no way think this is a fluke, but just a one time thing she thought out, carefully crafted, and f’n nailed.

I’ve tried to hit on something, successful or not, that touches in some of that same primal area for me.  These images are the result of that experimentation.