Content Date: November 2008

Drawing: Lying down, looking to side

This is a study of body posture and gaze. One challenge with this drawing was getting the face down.  When someone is lying down, their face naturally distorts, a LOT… just like when talking, chewing, gesturing, or practically any picture … Continue reading

Drawing: Leaning on edge

A quick study of body posture of a woman leaning against an edge.

Drawing: Lying down, looking up

A study of gaze, body posture and composition.

Flash: Willow’s 20th Year

Over the years, I have developed many small Flash mini-sites for promotional marketing, on-line brochures, holiday cards, and entertainment. I developed this site for our own promotion while at Willow Creative Group. This site was put up to highlight 20 … Continue reading

Drawing: Standing pose

A study of pose and body form. I’ve really been going back and looking at R.Crumb et al.  lately and man, talk about detail in the right places. Not that I’m trying to emulate exactly what he’s doing.  Obviously I’m … Continue reading

Web Application: Take the Cake

Winner of several design and web awards, this unique website has a special place in my heart: We were given free reign with design and implementation. I developed a basic CMS with wysiwyg in-place text editing, image cropping and other … Continue reading