Content Date: January 2009

Concept Jewel gallery is closed

Just an FYI, as I’ve had a bunch of people ask lately… Concept Jewel, the gallery, is closed.  Sadly, after my third burglary, I pussed out and shut her down.  OTR is one mean bitch, but somehow I still have … Continue reading

Drawing: Kneeling, hanging from hands

This drawing was done in charcoal as a study of body posture and composition.

Drawing: On back

A study of gaze, body posture and image composition.

Web Site: Graydon Head

Graydonhead, a Cincinnati-based law firm and a client of Willow Creative group, contracted us to do a complete re-branding to tighten their image in the highly competitive market. Under the creative leadership of Pat Morgan with Cary Rohrer as the … Continue reading

Drawing: Forlorn look

Another study done, working on facial expressions and gestures. The slight tilt to the head and body are what bring the character to the image, emphasized by the passive, almost pouty expression.  Eyes casted away suggest distraction.