Concept Jewel gallery is closed

Just an FYI, as I’ve had a bunch of people ask lately…

Concept Jewel, the gallery, is closed.  Sadly, after my third burglary, I pussed out and shut her down.  OTR is one mean bitch, but somehow I still have feelings for her.  Odd.

Calvin the cat passed out in front of Jameson Bennett's Conceptjewel gallery in downtown Cincinnati

It appears Calvin had a bit too much. Gotta love that Morlein beer truck.

Regardless, you can find info on the shows that were up at the old site, at least up until I got lazy with updating it:

I had a BLAST doing it, met a ton of amazing artists and art supporters of all flavors, and learned how to proficiently clean up glass and urine off of brick pavers.

Drop me a line if you wanna chat about old times.