Content Date: October 2010

Natural balance

Even though there is this odd, odd phobia in the U.P. towards them, I am glad that these predators are on the return. These animals are a true treasure, residents should be proud that these and other high level predators … Continue reading

What is up with your site?

After a year plus sitting on the jam3son domain with a simple wordpress install and a bunch of pending drafts, procrastinating as well as I could, I finally migrated what I could scrounge up onto this sweet little WordPress site … Continue reading

Full Moon

One of my favorite aspects of the full moon is the sunset/moonrise combo you get. Gorgeous.

Lenticular Image Creator moved to it’s own site

I created Lenticular Image Creator starting in late 2002 after receiving a sample pack of various lenses from Microlens. I have been ramping back up on lenticular and 3D work with the f’n amazing ZBrush lately and have wanted to … Continue reading

Birthday road trip

I took the Moms on one of my infamous backwoods trips with the impreza for my B-Day.  She was a great sport.  I love the forestry roads up here, and the MotionX GPS app on my phone has completely changed … Continue reading