Birthday road trip

I took the Moms on one of my infamous backwoods trips with the impreza for my B-Day.  She was a great sport.  I love the forestry roads up here, and the MotionX GPS app on my phone has completely changed how I treat them.  Growing up, there is no way I would have just took a random right down some two-track, but now most of even these small utility roads are mapped (with varying accuracy), and it is easy to get around on them if you plan just a bit beforehand.

While in Cincinnati, I felt bad for my car.  Basically sat in front of my place on the street for weeks at a time as I usually didn’t drive except for grocery runs and such.  But here, in the U.P. it shines… as long as your’e not too concerned about your paint job.

Subaru vs. the Thompson plains

I’ve taken it on what I’m sure are roads meant only for ATVs and it handles it no problem.  Plows through powder sand like nothing.  The only thing I’m really worried about is clearance.  Some rock or stump is going to be wearing the heat shield from my catalytic converter someday, but for now it is fine.  Actually it was rattling a bit in Cinci and I think I ran over something here and bent it back up, because it’s not rattling anymore.

Mom at Bear Lake