What is up with your site?

After a year plus sitting on the jam3son domain with a simple wordpress install and a bunch of pending drafts, procrastinating as well as I could, I finally migrated what I could scrounge up onto this sweet little WordPress site I’ve built.

I’ve been wanting to do something like this with WordPress for a while. Fast navigation of content. Fully indexable by the search engines. No images, straight CSS.  Mobile friendly. Sweet ajax-y butteriness.  What might be lame to you, very hot to me.


I’m sure a work in progress, but I’m really liking where this is going. I keep trying to move away, and gives Times a chance, but am truly in love with Georgia.  It is one of the most beautiful things Microsoft has brought into this world… and one of the many great typefaces created by Matt Carter.

Along with Helvetica (yes, I know) for the navigational elements, I am trying for a concise distinction between navigation and content.


All my jQuery and WordPress nerds and nerdettes out there, check out main.js.  It has pretty much all the juice that makes this site go besides the ajax returns server-side. Since I’m too lazy to add a license header to the top of the file I suppose it is under the Steal My Content license so have at it.  Not that it is really doing anything special. If you want to implement similar, read up on add_action(‘wp_ajax_XXX’, xxx), as this is how ajax calls are usually handled by the WordPress action hooks.

The WordPress theme I put together is based on the twentyten WordPress team base theme… a great starting point: very clean, well documented, without jumping through 3 hoops just to get a freakin header changed for a particular page… definitely far preferred over the theme ‘frameworks’ out there (I’m looking at you thematic, thesis and especially carrington, talk about wasted weeks).  Why would you want to complicate the simple beauty of WordPress?  Seriously, just download and install Drupal or Joomla if you need all that.

Some basic features besides the ajax-y bliss: Google Analytics integration with event tracking for dynamic events.  Chartbeat integration for real-time visitor tracking. History and hash parsing (sorry IE users if the history feature is not the most stable, there are known issues if you refresh or type your own domain.  What year is this, anyways?  Try: Chrome, or FireFox).

In Summary

I would love to hear from you if you have any (constructive) comments or critiques.  Yes, I know it is awesome, but does anything confuse you or piss you off?  Have questions about how it was built or suggestions?

No, it’s not a public theme, but if you wanna hire me to build out a site for you…