If you own/represent a gallery that specializes in new eccentric media, you must check out my lenticular art works.  Use the slider, see them in action, contact me if you want to hang some prints.

I cannot stress how cool these pieces are, although I will try right now.  They are MEGA COOL. Understand that the word mega, in all caps, requires a thundering bass voice for emphasis.  Say this out loud right now, full on, and you will then have a tiny, tiny glimmer of how cool they are. Thundering bass voice: MEGA COOL.

See?  Look at the works. Dream a little. Now, contact me so we can make this happen.

The Past

If you reeeeeeealy need to visit the past, you can see the old site here (at least till I inevitably break it during some late night drunken site migration mishap):

Even info on good ol’ Concept Jewel gallery.
*pours 40oz of Old E on drunkard sleeping in doorway on bed of broken glass and chicken bones in remembrance.*