The nerve

So, I go to see this play the other day at this great old theater downtown. I got there early and walked in and sat down in my favorite seat, just to the left of center, near the back with quick access to the aisle. As I’m settling in and getting comfortable, I look up in front of me and two rows up, there is a guy just laying there across several seats.

After a bit the room starts filling up. ┬áThis was supposed to be a hot show… I had heard the show was sold out a day after tickets were available. ┬áPeople are coming in and sitting around, still this guy lays there.

After a bit more, an usher comes up. “Hey man, can I get you to move?”

Nothing, guy lays there, saying nothing.

Usher leaves all pissed, comes back with the manager. “Sir, please get up and make room, we are expecting a full house”.

The guy just turned his head a bit and coughed.

Manager scowls and heads off. He comes back not even a minute later with a cop in tow.

“Sir, I need you to get up… you can’t be taking up all the seats”, the officer tells him.

The guy looks at the cop and squints.

“Where you from, anyways, mister?” the cop asks him.

The guy painfully bends his wrist, pointing upwards.

“The balcony.”