Lenticular prints are images that create an animation and/or a three dimensional effect for the viewer.

use slider to view 3D and animation effect

The effects are created by the topmost layer, a lens of plastic, and a specially treated image that is laminated to the back-side of the lens – or, printed directly to the back of the lens if you have that kind of equipment.

The lenticular images I create are printed on an Epson wide format printer with archival inks and paper to preserve color over time.  I use a 25″ cold press laminator, and many of my prints were produced in the kitchen of a tiny apartment I had when living downtown Cincinnati… the cleanest room I had.  I’m just saying, it don’t take much… at least now that I’ve done all the math for you.

You can learn how to make them yourself, and learn more about lenticular imagery here:


Check out my portfolio of lenticular images.  Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing a print, representing my artwork, or especially if you have some you’ve made lenticular images yourself!

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