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What is going on lately, Jameson?

What is long, brown and sticky?

A stick!

How to catch an elephant

It is not too hard, but takes a bit of preparation. First find an elephant path. Then, dig a round hole big enough for an elephant to stand shoulder high in. Next, fill the bottom with a light ash. White … Continue reading

The nerve

So, I go to see this play the other day at this great old theater downtown. I got there early and walked in and sat down in my favorite seat, just to the left of center, near the back with … Continue reading


If you own/represent a gallery that specializes in new eccentric media, you must check out my lenticular art works.  Use the slider, see them in action, contact me if you want to hang some prints. I cannot stress how cool these … Continue reading

Hobbes 5700i

Never too old for this: Took a bit to build it, but eventually got it tobaggon-run ready, iced track and all. Nearly killed myself several times and lost a bit of skin.  It was awesome. My nephew Tomas and brother … Continue reading

Bald to the bone

Thought it was the hugest crow ever as it was hanging out with them around some road-kill, but when I caught it’s profile as it climbed over the tree-line I recognized the unmistakable bald eagle. There was a pair that … Continue reading

Natural balance

Even though there is this odd, odd phobia in the U.P. towards them, I am glad that these predators are on the return. These animals are a true treasure, residents should be proud that these and other high level predators … Continue reading

What is up with your site?

After a year plus sitting on the jam3son domain with a simple wordpress install and a bunch of pending drafts, procrastinating as well as I could, I finally migrated what I could scrounge up onto this sweet little WordPress site … Continue reading

Full Moon

One of my favorite aspects of the full moon is the sunset/moonrise combo you get. Gorgeous.

Birthday road trip

I took the Moms on one of my infamous backwoods trips with the impreza for my B-Day.  She was a great sport.  I love the forestry roads up here, and the MotionX GPS app on my phone has completely changed … Continue reading

Concept Jewel gallery is closed

Just an FYI, as I’ve had a bunch of people ask lately… Concept Jewel, the gallery, is closed.  Sadly, after my third burglary, I pussed out and shut her down.  OTR is one mean bitch, but somehow I still have … Continue reading