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These are specific works that I have selected to show my range of skills. Browse the other categories for more.

Flash: Dawn Saves Wildlife Flash donation counter

With Photoshop source files provided and managed by Barefoot Proximity, I developed this Flash application in Actionscript 3. Using data provided by an XML feed, the counter is updated accordingly. Simple, and works great. Demo link:

Flash: Dawn Yahoo front-page advertisement

I developed and animated this Flash-based Yahoo front-page advertisement for the Dawn brand from Photoshop source files provided by Barefoot Proximity with quick turn-around under the strict guidelines for the front page ‘pop-over’ style ads. The advertisement ran for more … Continue reading

Flash: Cascade Help Me Choose application

Starting from an old codebase and file set, with source provided by Barefoot Proximity, I re-architected this application, migrating the Flash development from Actionscript 2 to Actionscript 3 and re-worked the XML schema to properly fit the simple expert system … Continue reading

Web Site: Mount Adams Today

Mount Adams, a neighboorhood overlooking downtown Cincinnati from the east side, needed a website to provide them with much needed web exposure to ensure traffic to their vital business district. Working with my brother, Christopher Bennett at, I developed … Continue reading

Web Site: Steinhauser, Inc.

Steinhauser, a local printing company with a long history, came to Willow Creative Group to enhance their overall marketing presence in conjunction with major equipment and production upgrades. After a thorough review of their needs, timeline and budget, I decided … Continue reading

Design: P&G Floor Illusion graphics

This project was a favorite of mine: Lots of math. 3D modeling and 16bit EXR output. An extremely challenging, seemingly impossible problem.  Many softwares used. Many X-acto blades used. Good stuff. Willow Creative Group was contracted by the Cognitive Science … Continue reading

Drawing: Waiting

A study of body form, posture and gaze.

Flash: Spuds Life

Willow Creative Group was a blast to work at, and as a group we had a quite an odd-ball sense of humor and approach to gathering new business. One approach we used was to send potential clients a potato.  Yes, … Continue reading

Drawing: Arms behind back

This study is one of several, working on some expressions and gestures. Very subtle differences in how the charcoal is applied along the lips and eyes can make a staggering difference in the perceived expression. Very small tweaks to the … Continue reading

Web Site: Graydon Head

Graydonhead, a Cincinnati-based law firm and a client of Willow Creative group, contracted us to do a complete re-branding to tighten their image in the highly competitive market. Under the creative leadership of Pat Morgan with Cary Rohrer as the … Continue reading

Drawing: Forlorn look

Another study done, working on facial expressions and gestures. The slight tilt to the head and body are what bring the character to the image, emphasized by the passive, almost pouty expression.  Eyes casted away suggest distraction.

Flash: Willow’s 20th Year

Over the years, I have developed many small Flash mini-sites for promotional marketing, on-line brochures, holiday cards, and entertainment. I developed this site for our own promotion while at Willow Creative Group. This site was put up to highlight 20 … Continue reading

Web Application: Take the Cake

Winner of several design and web awards, this unique website has a special place in my heart: We were given free reign with design and implementation. I developed a basic CMS with wysiwyg in-place text editing, image cropping and other … Continue reading

Web Site: American Marketing Association

I was tasked with developing and deploying this website, a direct port of the old websites content and look, from a custom CMS to WordPress with the added features of a front page scroller of latest news, and a calendar … Continue reading

Drawing: Viewed from behind

This is a study done to work out a problem I was having modeling the back properly.  Female back musculature is very subtle. With the male form, the shape is much more distinct and follows the ribs and scapula in … Continue reading

Web Application: PlasmaCare

While with Willow Creative Group, I was tasked with developing a custom content management system to handle website updates, customer questions and appointment scheduling for multiple centers around the nation. Using the Prototype javascript library and the CakePHP MVC framework, … Continue reading

Flash: Harmonic for Open

While with Willow Creative Group, I was tasked with developing a Flash application for delivering information about a new group of sonic laparoscopic surgical tools for surgeons and sales force for the Johnson&Johnson subsidiary, Ethicon Endo-Surgery. This Actionscript 3 application … Continue reading

Web Site: Currito

While at Willow Creative Group, I was challenged to build out this Flash-based website starting from a basic framework and Photoshop documents under a tight deadline, with several features built in for back-end integration, ease of content maintenance and customer … Continue reading

3D Rendering: Easy Touch Syringes

I modeled, rendered and composited a series of images for the Easy Touch Syringe brand for inclusion in print and web marketing. Unsuccessful with several photo-shoots, the lead designer for Masters Pharmaceutical contracted me to create images of the boxes … Continue reading

Lenticular Print: Vapor 1

Image 1 of the Vapor Series. 16×20 3-d lenticular print. The Vapor Series stems from my fascination with contrails and ‘natural’ composition.  I have a ridiculous number of images that I have taken of what I find to be perfect … Continue reading

Web Application: Pilot Chemical

This website and back-end was developed to accommodate a quickly expanding chemical distribution market, both domestic and global. From design documentation and Photoshop source files, I developed this application on a popular PHP based MVC framework, CakePHP, and running on … Continue reading

Web Site: Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati

While at Metaphor I was tasked with implementing a new design and migrating content from an old site to their new site, built on the Editspot CMS platform. A few custom Flash media widgets were developed for this unique website, … Continue reading

Installation: 1 coin 1 play, Flag 2

The second piece in a series of cut vinyl applied directly to the wall, titled “1 coin 1 play”… this piece is Flag 2, size: 37″x27″: This installation is a tribute to our national symbol of identity. I am using … Continue reading

Drawing: Faulty Circuit 2

The Faulty Circuits drawings are 18″x24″ ink and charcoal drawings on vellum.  They are computer designed and plotted electronic schematics, with hand work on top, finishing the diagram and closing the electronic loop. While quite adept at reading and developing … Continue reading

Drawing: Artificial Logic

The artificial logic series was created after I spent a considerable amount of time researching and developing a framework for some video-game based artificial intelligence. There are several schools of thought, and general approaches to the problem of making machines … Continue reading

Web Site: The Cincinnati Opera

One of many websites built for the Editspot CMS, The Cincinnati Opera was, like many clients in the arts, a perfect fit for the software. The editspot suite was tailored with some special media features for this project, and the … Continue reading

Lenticular Print: Venus

16×20 3-d lenticular print. A relatively faithful reproduction of the planet Venus.  The planets are simply beautiful.

Web Site: My Fountain Square

Built on the Editspot CMS suite, I was challenged with integration of several outside sources and APIs for calendar scheduling, a custom-built Flash weather widget, event broadcasting, and web-camera viewing. This website went live in coordination with the opening of … Continue reading

Lenticular Print: Arch 5

Image 5 of 5 in the Arch Series. 16×20 3-d lenticular print. I’ve always been fascinated by the work of Peter Paul Rubens, always pulling off this fleshy living feeling to just pigment on canvas.  A lot of his secret … Continue reading

Lenticular Print: Wash 3

Image 3 in a series of 5. 16×20 3-d lenticular print. Simple and surreal, this series is meant to suggest cleanliness contrasted with unease. Unidentifiable appendages being washed in tinted water. When I view them, it strokes my queasy bone … Continue reading

Lenticular Print: Flow 5

Image 5 in a series of 5. 16×20 3-d lenticular print. Countless hours working with a fluid simulator went into this series, with the intent of creating straightforward visual and motion compositions.

Web Site: Blue Ash Advance

Blue Ash, a rising star of Cincinnati suburbs, came to Metaphor studio for a re-branding and a build out of a whole new web presence. Like many other websites built out on the Editspot software, I was challenged with bringing … Continue reading

Web Application: Editspot CMS

Coming on-board Metaphor Studio in 2005, part of my task was to build out and enhance the Editspot content management system. Editspot was developed in Java, running on Tomcat, and proved to be a fast, stable system.  I made many … Continue reading

Web Site: My City Living

While at Metaphor, I worked with the Comey&Shepherd Realtors City Office to update, maintain and integrate special features on this Editspot CMS driven website. Link:

Web Site: 3CDC

3CDC came to Metaphor needing a portal to unify the information of their many projects.  I worked with the designers at Metaphor to bring this project to life on the Editspot CMS. The website proved a success, streamlining event, construction … Continue reading

Flash: Milestone Wall Project

In collaboration with Ericka Hedgecock, I built this piece in Flash to correspond with a printed panel installation she designed, devoted to the last 20 years of The Center for Creative Leadership. As you will note, we used our best … Continue reading

Flash: Interface Project

Back in the days when I was starry-eyed by the glories that Flash would become, I played around with different ways of building interfaces as everyone would soon be running these thin-client apps through browsers on a powerhouse audio/visual framework. … Continue reading

Flash: Confuseus Says

A fun project done in Flash with classmates while in at UNCG. Using a very rudimentary keyword analysis, the application responds back with an array of responses.  Meant to be amusing for a short bit.  The design of the ‘Confuseus’ … Continue reading