I am a professional artist and software developer, working as a freelance contractor and as an agency employee for software development, web development and visual design for over a decade.  I have a wide range of skills that let me slip into a job at any skill range.

My software and web development work is fast and clean.  My code is always well commented, sometimes even properly documented.  I strive to ensure standard design patterns are applied to all work I do and am always re-factoring and considering future application while I design and develop.

Visit my portfolio of works, a selection of my professional and personal pieces I feel show a good range of my skill.  If the portfolio interests you, visit my skills and experience pages to read up on my range and see what I have done in the past.  Contact me if you are interested in working together!


If you are interested in the artwork, I encourage you to surf through the Art/Design category.  Many prints are available of the work (I’ve tried to label which ones are not available).

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