Here you will find a reasonably complete list of professional skills I bring to the table… I am a constant researcher and developer, so I am always adding on.

Visit my experience page if you want to see the professional history that goes along with these skills, and my portfolio to see examples of professional and personal work. If you are interested in working together, head over to the for hire page to find out more information.

Artistic/Visual Design/Production

  • Formally trained, highly skilled with hand and digital methods of artwork production. Teaching knowledge of design fundamentals and hand drawing skills.
  • Highly creative problem solving skills ranging across all medium, with a heavy emphasis on research and technology. More than willing to tackle seemingly impossible problems. Enjoys math.
  • Fluent with design and composition work-flows for two and three dimensional source and various output. Expert knowledge in asset development for real-time 2-D and 3-D engines.
  • Very comfortable with all aspects of the design to print process, from initial document creation and development, to the hand-off of final separations and die-lines.
  • Familiar with issues in bit-depth translation and image formats, color-space, production file gathering and management, registration and calibration for digital print along with digital and analog screen based formats.
  • Hands-on experience with several processes for translation of digital media to analog such as silk screen, lithography, and cut vinyl. Very handy with an X-Acto, drafting board and t-square.

Software Development

  • Expert knowledge of Mac OS X and Windows environments including intricacies of both operating systems for software installation, license management and updating. Very familiar with command line use and scripting languages for automation such as AppleScript and Windows Batch files. Experienced in digital design lab management, including up-to-date knowledge on versioning repositories, file transfer, storage medium and backup strategies for working groups.
  • Advanced coder using current and advancing object oriented design techniques, model oriented software development and Unified Modeling Language (UML) for communication of software design.
  • Avid follower of design pattern usage in software architecture, able to recognize design patterns within a current system, and make recommendations for refactoring based on design pattern principles.
  • Highly fluent in C, C++, Java, JavaScript, ActionScript, PHP, .NET, Perl, Python. Able to quickly pick up software development languages and paradigms with sensitivity to the environment, such as memory constraints and processor load considerations.
  • Excellent understanding of data modeling, normalization, schema design.
  • Very comfortable researching and adapting to new APIs for integration of web services into browser and desktop based applications.
  • Familiar with many different editors and development environments such as Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, XCode along with strong text editor and command line skills. Very comfortable working with raw HTML, CSS, SQL, XML, etc.
  • Well versed in current web accessibility standards and current web development strategies for cross-browser, cross-platform and hand-held devices. Avid follower of current web, email and interactive media trends, technologies and best practices.
  • Equally comfortable with software development for OSX and Windows Platforms including system registration and installer development.
  • Strong supporter of open source and low cost solutions for software development. Knowledgeable in open source licensing issues for software use in development and integration into commercial products.

Web Development Strategy

  • Understanding of practical business applications and technologies helping project managers and clients make decisions that make sense time-wise, apply to the client’s business strategy, and always consider the bottom line.
  • Able to thoroughly evaluate and explain the value of technology and features in language specific to the business domain.
  • Thorough understanding of visitor tracking and analysis technologies, with experience in Google Analytics/Webmaster tools, Piwik, ReInvigorate and Chartbeat for both aggregate and real-time tracking.  Able to set up automatic email-based reporting of pertinent business-related visitor information for website owners.
  • Thorough understanding of search engine optimization techniques, search engine website crawling tactics and white-hat practices for boosting rankings. Knowledge of basic grey- and black-hat practices used and why they work.
  • Experienced with website analysis tools such as SEOQuake and SEMRush for keyword and competition analysis for developing content strategies for websites.  Able to formulate clear reports to outline best value approaches for website content updates.
  • Experienced with several email marketing vendor tools, such as Constant Contact, Exact Target and Campaign Monitor, along with custom built applications.  Familiar with issues and solutions relating to design and development for email marketing campaigns relating to proper display across a wide variety of email clients.


Practical and teaching knowledge of the following software applications:

  • IDE: Visual Studio, Dreamweaver, Aptana, BBEdit, Notepad++ (last two preferred)
  • Multimedia: Flash, Torque Game Engine
  • Visual design: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • 3-D: SolidWorks, 3dsmax, Cinema4D, Maya, Zbrush, Blender, AutoCAD
  • Digital Video NLE: Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Premiere, iMovie
  • Video Encoding: Well versed in current standards for video encoding to DVD, Blu-Ray, mobile devices. Very familiar with current web streaming formats, device compatibility and licensing issues.  Experienced with with custom FFMpeg compilation, integration and command line usage for automatic encoding of video.
  • Sound Editing/Creation: Reason, Cubase VST, Soundforge, Audacity

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