AIMotive is an emotional intelligence framework I am developing for the Torque 3D game engine.  AIMotive uses the latest research in emotional and animal intelligence to create realistic behaviors in individuals and crowds.

Genome Editor for AIMotive, Emotional Intelligence Engine by Jameson Bennett

AIMotive uses a general fuzzy logic scheme for behavior selection, easily tweaked in real-time by game designers using an intuitive and simple group of encodings for game-world events.

The framework is built in several parts that tie in together:

Behavior trees

The best choice for easy building of behaviors, with an in-game hierarchical editor that allows building of very complex behavior systems, with re-usable component sub-trees.  Behavior trees can be loaded and switched for any game character on-the-fly, with current state maintained.

Emotional/Physical state

Based on current research, the emotional and physical states are held in orthogonal encodings and allow intuitive selection of behaviors based on the state.  Simple sliders are all it takes to make an irritable creature sweet, with full in-game visualizations of current states and tracking of emotional and physical state over time.

Neural net based atomic behaviors

Using neural nets to control atomic actions allows game designers to build movements and actions rather than relying on coders to do the work.  An animal can be trained to hunt or run and the behavior is selected based on the current state and motivations.  The behavior editor allows fine-grained control of neural net selection by many different parameters, such as proximity to target, hunger/nutrition motivation, or ‘feeling’ of fear.


  • Incredibly fast genetic algorithm for training neural nets.
  • Full featured visual neural net editor: cut, copy, paste, save and load your neural nets on the fly into any creature in the game environment.
  • Incremental neural net training, start simple and build very complex behaviors.
  • Arbitrary number of neural net run per game frame-step.

Current Status

AIMotive is currently in the research and development phase, with a technology preview in the works for Summer 2011.  Please contact me if you wanna chat up some AI.

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