Lenticular Image Creator

Lenticular Image Creator or ‘LIC’ is a software I developed over a two year period working with Microlens to create print-ready interlaced imagery from 2+ images.  The software can be used to create simple flips, animations and three dimensional effects.

Lenticular Image Creator by Jameson Bennett

I use this software exclusively in creating my lenticular art prints and is used all over the world by artists and designers for creating lenticular images.  Most support I do for this application ends up going through the Google translator.  The popularity of lenticular images still has some catching up to do stateside… I see them in movie theaters a lot, but not many other places.  Hopefully I’ll start seeing them in art galleries.

The software is currently available for PC and Mac, developed using the Java Runtime Environment.  My hope over the next year is to port this over to a native application for both platforms, using the amazing Qt framework, making it more stable, remove dependencies and inadvertent bugs introduced by the JRE, reduce memory footprint, and make further development far easier (Java is not the greatest for desktop apps).

Please visit the website for more information:


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