Obj2dts is a very quick and easy dts (3d game shape file) creator for the Torque Game Engine platform, accepting the widespread .obj 3D file format.

OBJ2DTS software by Jameson Bennett for the Torque 3D engine

I created this tool to satisfy my need to quickly see my ‘works in progress’ in engine from applications without exporter support. I was frustrated with the hassle of setting up an export in many of the current .dts exporters as they have varying level of support themselves (mostly limitations of the modeling tool SDKs, not the exporter coders). With obj2dts, I can sketch on a model in Zbrush or Silo, export a quick .obj, drag it onto the shortcut and it quickly builds a compliant .dts ready to view. No setup hassle, no bounds mesh issues, just easy .dts creation.

Find out more here: http://conceptjewel.com/torque/obj2dts/

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