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Design: P&G Floor Illusion graphics

This project was a favorite of mine: Lots of math. 3D modeling and 16bit EXR output. An extremely challenging, seemingly impossible problem.  Many softwares used. Many X-acto blades used. Good stuff. Willow Creative Group was contracted by the Cognitive Science … Continue reading

3D Rendering: Easy Touch Syringes

I modeled, rendered and composited a series of images for the Easy Touch Syringe brand for inclusion in print and web marketing. Unsuccessful with several photo-shoots, the lead designer for Masters Pharmaceutical contracted me to create images of the boxes … Continue reading

Lenticular Print: Flow 5

Image 5 in a series of 5. 16×20 3-d lenticular print. Countless hours working with a fluid simulator went into this series, with the intent of creating straightforward visual and motion compositions.