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Design: P&G Floor Illusion graphics

This project was a favorite of mine: Lots of math. 3D modeling and 16bit EXR output. An extremely challenging, seemingly impossible problem.  Many softwares used. Many X-acto blades used. Good stuff. Willow Creative Group was contracted by the Cognitive Science … Continue reading

Drawing: Waiting

A study of body form, posture and gaze.

Drawing: Arms behind back

This study is one of several, working on some expressions and gestures. Very subtle differences in how the charcoal is applied along the lips and eyes can make a staggering difference in the perceived expression. Very small tweaks to the … Continue reading

Drawing: Arched against wall

A study done in graphite and charcoal as a study of body form and posture.

Drawing: Kneeling, hanging from hands

This drawing was done in charcoal as a study of body posture and composition.

Drawing: On back

A study of gaze, body posture and image composition.

Drawing: Forlorn look

Another study done, working on facial expressions and gestures. The slight tilt to the head and body are what bring the character to the image, emphasized by the passive, almost pouty expression.  Eyes casted away suggest distraction.

Drawing: Seated, looking away

A study of body posture and weight created by negative space.

Drawing: Lying on stairs

A study of gaze, body posture and composition.

Drawing: Lying down, looking to side

This is a study of body posture and gaze. One challenge with this drawing was getting the face down.  When someone is lying down, their face naturally distorts, a LOT… just like when talking, chewing, gesturing, or practically any picture … Continue reading

Drawing: Leaning on edge

A quick study of body posture of a woman leaning against an edge.

Drawing: Lying down, looking up

A study of gaze, body posture and composition.

Drawing: Standing pose

A study of pose and body form. I’ve really been going back and looking at R.Crumb et al.  lately and man, talk about detail in the right places. Not that I’m trying to emulate exactly what he’s doing.  Obviously I’m … Continue reading

Drawing: Kneeling with hands on chest

A charcoal and graphite study done to look at body posture, balance and movement. I am always startled at how a slight change in the relative position of the rib cage in relation to the hips can make such a … Continue reading

Drawing: Kneeling at Bath

This is a quick study done in charcoal of a female kneeling at bath.  One of several working on problems of body movement and structure.

Drawing: Contemplating Female

I have always been fascinated by Michaelangelo’s portrayal of eyes. If you look close, he does them in very solid confident strokes of color or line that sit RIGHT on the edge of the shape his is creating for the … Continue reading

Drawing: Seated, looking back

A study of body posture and weight created by negative space.  There is something about being on an object that you can’t perceive that sets everything just off balance.  I like the effect.

Drawing: Viewed from behind

This is a study done to work out a problem I was having modeling the back properly.  Female back musculature is very subtle. With the male form, the shape is much more distinct and follows the ribs and scapula in … Continue reading

Drawing: Standing, looking back

A study of pose, body form and gaze.

Drawing: Brazen look

A study done looking at posture and facial expression. In this graphite and charcoal drawing, I was aiming for an open, challenging look, tempered by the coy shoulder. I went pretty soft on the graphite and ended up taking twice … Continue reading

Drawing: Faulty Circuit 1

The Faulty Circuits drawings are 18″x24″ ink and charcoal drawings on vellum.  They are computer designed and plotted electronic schematics, with hand work on top, finishing the diagram and closing the electronic loop. While quite adept at reading and developing … Continue reading

Drawing: Artificial Logic

The artificial logic series was created after I spent a considerable amount of time researching and developing a framework for some video-game based artificial intelligence. There are several schools of thought, and general approaches to the problem of making machines … Continue reading