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Flash: Dawn Saves Wildlife Flash donation counter

With Photoshop source files provided and managed by Barefoot Proximity, I developed this Flash application in Actionscript 3. Using data provided by an XML feed, the counter is updated accordingly. Simple, and works great. Demo link:

Flash: Dawn Yahoo front-page advertisement

I developed and animated this Flash-based Yahoo front-page advertisement for the Dawn brand from Photoshop source files provided by Barefoot Proximity with quick turn-around under the strict guidelines for the front page ‘pop-over’ style ads. The advertisement ran for more … Continue reading

Flash: Cascade Help Me Choose application

Starting from an old codebase and file set, with source provided by Barefoot Proximity, I re-architected this application, migrating the Flash development from Actionscript 2 to Actionscript 3 and re-worked the XML schema to properly fit the simple expert system … Continue reading

Web Site: Steinhauser, Inc.

Steinhauser, a local printing company with a long history, came to Willow Creative Group to enhance their overall marketing presence in conjunction with major equipment and production upgrades. After a thorough review of their needs, timeline and budget, I decided … Continue reading

Flash: Spuds Life

Willow Creative Group was a blast to work at, and as a group we had a quite an odd-ball sense of humor and approach to gathering new business. One approach we used was to send potential clients a potato.  Yes, … Continue reading

Flash: Willow’s 20th Year

Over the years, I have developed many small Flash mini-sites for promotional marketing, on-line brochures, holiday cards, and entertainment. I developed this site for our own promotion while at Willow Creative Group. This site was put up to highlight 20 … Continue reading

Web Application: Take the Cake

Winner of several design and web awards, this unique website has a special place in my heart: We were given free reign with design and implementation. I developed a basic CMS with wysiwyg in-place text editing, image cropping and other … Continue reading

Web Site: Currito

While at Willow Creative Group, I was challenged to build out this Flash-based website starting from a basic framework and Photoshop documents under a tight deadline, with several features built in for back-end integration, ease of content maintenance and customer … Continue reading

Flash: Milestone Wall Project

In collaboration with Ericka Hedgecock, I built this piece in Flash to correspond with a printed panel installation she designed, devoted to the last 20 years of The Center for Creative Leadership. As you will note, we used our best … Continue reading

Flash: Interface Project

Back in the days when I was starry-eyed by the glories that Flash would become, I played around with different ways of building interfaces as everyone would soon be running these thin-client apps through browsers on a powerhouse audio/visual framework. … Continue reading

Flash: Confuseus Says

A fun project done in Flash with classmates while in at UNCG. Using a very rudimentary keyword analysis, the application responds back with an array of responses.  Meant to be amusing for a short bit.  The design of the ‘Confuseus’ … Continue reading